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Going on a trip? Here's How To Check For Bed Bugs.

With Summer travel season in full swing, the prevalence of bed bugs is on the rise. No matter if you're staying at a luxurious 5 star resort or a local shared hostel, bed bugs can be a problem. These pests are highly challenging to eliminate and treatment can be costly.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs are a significant problem all over the world and the problem quickly increasing. Ireland saw an 80% increase in bed bug infestations from 2015 to 2016. And while hotels and other overnight accommodations are frequent hotspots, many other places can become infested as well. Places such as airplanes, trains, movie theaters, gyms, churches, schools, offices, and even cars!

With only about 20% of the population being allergic to bed bugs, the vast majority will not experience a reaction or other symptoms. Without the reaction from the bites, an infestation could go unnoticed and lead to further spread of bed bugs.

How to check for bed bugs in your hotel.

Mattress & Frame.

Bed bugs like to live near their food source (YOU!), so the bed is the most likely place you'll find them.

  • Fully inspect the headboard and frame, including where the headboard meets the wall. Use a flashlight or slide a credit card between the headboard and wall, or pull the bed away from the wall to check behind and underneath.

  • Check crevices, joints, corners, small openings, holes and bolts.

  • Inspect the mattress and bedding. Pull back the blankets, sheets, and mattress covers to look for blood stains and fecal matter, especially near the head of the bed. (The dark spots in the picture at left are fecal matter)

  • Check the tufts and seams of the mattress closely for signs of bed bugs and eggs.

Bedside tables & cabinets.

  • Look inside the drawers, especially the corners and handles.

  • Check lamps, frames, and books.

  • Inspect behind and beside the cabinets, and underneath, if possible.

Sofa, desk, & chairs.

  • Remove cushions and pillows and look above and below. Check corners and crevices.

  • Check corners, zips, and seams of pillows and cushions.


  • Store your luggage in the restroom until you've completed your inspection.

  • Check the luggage stands around the screws and seams.

If you suspect you've discovered bed bugs in your room.

Bed bugs cause a severe impact on brand image, reputation, and customer satisfaction, so many hotels, motels, and B & B's have protocols in place. Take your belongings with you and visit the front desk to be placed in an alternate room, Keep in mind, bed bugs can travel from room to room, and sometimes even floor to floor, so make sure you're not assigned an adjacent room.

Have you discovered bed bugs in your home? The best way to eliminate bed bugs from your home or business is to enlist the help of a professional pest control provider. Happy Bees Pest Control can help. Click here, or call or text 602.529.8797 today for a free quote.

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