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  • Melinda Baker

DIY or Hire A Professional?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

If your home or property is experiencing any kind of bugs or pests, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether to call a professional or try a DIY method. It could start with hearing strange noises in your walls at night or seeing ants in your kitchen. With so many options available for the DIYers in todays world; whether it be in a big box store or online, this question often comes up.

3 Signs To Call A Professional Pest Control Company

1. Noises?

During the winter months in Phoenix, Arizona the number of rodent sightings from homeowners increases. Especially if you live in the Arcadia area of Phoenix due to Roof Rats.

Some signs if you have fruit trees on your property:

· Examine the fruit that has either fallen or still left on the trees. The indication for rodent activity is if you see gnaw marks from the rodents front teeth along the skin of the fruit. Or, is the fruit hallowed out with only the outer skin left? Both of these signs indicate a rodent infestation. If left unattended, they will multiply and seek warmth in your house during winter which can create another sign of a rodent infestation.

· Do you hear noises in the middle of night in your walls or attics? Rodents are nocturnal and will become more active at night till early morning. Call a professional pest expert immediately. Rodents can damage wiring, plumbing, insulation, and more in your walls.

Both of these situations would warrant a professional if you are not successful in trapping yourself. If you wait too long, the possibility of them multiplying increases. Poison bait is an option over the counter but not recommended for an unlicensed property owner due to concerns about child and pet safety.

2. Have you been unable to resolve the pest issue yourself?

There are many bugs and insects in Phoenix contributing to the difficulty in correctly identifying the pest you may be trying to eliminate. I have had clients actually increase the infestation by using the wrong products. Quick recollection, In my past, I remember servicing a well known, 5-star hotel chain in Phoenix. The engineering department called in a panic because the number of guest complaints were thru the roof with ants. In discussing the situation, it was discovered the engineering department had been using a product labeled for ants from a big box store. That’s a good start, but the engineering dept. did not identify the species of the ants they were treating. It ultimately caused the ant colony to explode by using a repellant pesticide. This was a painful experience for the hotel since 22 rooms were closed off to gain control using the correct product, with it being peak season prior to 2020 it was also very costly.

Another possibility of not achieving the results desired on your own is many pests are seasonal. What could have worked in the past for you may no longer be working, such as traps, sprays, and other over the counter methods. Because their behavior changes it might appear to work for a period of time, but if they’re not professionally removed there’s a high chance they will come back again next year. To ensure these pests are gone for good this is a good time to call in a professional local expert.

3. Safety of your children or pets.

If you have children or pets that are feeling the effects of pests, it may be time to get a professional assessment and call in a professional.

Children may not be able to use the same topical remedies for bug bites as adults and can be painful reminders of the unwanted pests in your home each time bitten. Cats and dogs may suffer through a season housing pests in their coats. Both children and pets may accidentally come into contact with pesticides that they could be allergic to or poisoned if not applied correctly.

Pest professionals can spend years on education and field training before being able to be licensed by the pest control board in Arizona. It’s always a good idea to check that the company you're calling is licensed, bonded and insured, and how many years of experience they have in our local geography.

If you have any other questions about pest elimination or control services, let us know! We're happy to answer any of your questions and offer free on-site estimates for local customers. CALL #602.529.8797. Happy Bees makes a Happy Home!

Happy Bees can restore your peace of mind by eliminating pests. Targeted, effective applications with over 30 years experience. Call Now! Keep your home pest-free in Arizona. Customizable plans with your safety in mind.

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